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Is your staff addicted to social media? Some of them are indeed social media junkies, as polls show the average American spends a quarter of his work day on sites such as Facebook.1 That means a 25 percent decrease in productivity....
There is no question that our profession is undergoing rapid change as well as significant challenges. As a profession, we are faced with the dual responsibility of protecting our patient and maintaining our proficiency. Both of these...
The time we’ve all been waiting is finally here—The Beatles are now streaming for free on all major music-streaming services (Spotify and Apple Play, to name a few). To celebrate their arrival, we’ve been listening nonstop to our...
It’s an oft-repeated mantra among those of us who treat glaucoma: The goal of glaucoma therapy is to maintain adequate functional vision until the patient dies. Like a lot of mantras, we spout it almost glibly.
It is important for optometrists to be familiar with these devices and the rationale behind the device chosen. This article describes what each device is, how they work, complications, and postoperative care.
Each year brings its own challenges, and 2016 will be no different.
We’ve already shared our most-read stories for the year, but now it’s our turn to share our favorite stories from 2015—and boy, did we have some fun this year.
Seven months ago, on Friday, May 8, I walked across the stage wearing a graduation gown and hood to receive my fourth and final (for now) degree. It was nearly six years to the day after my graduation from OD school in 2009.
Purchasing a private practice is a big decision and requires thorough preparation. The practice that you purchase can determine where you live and where your children go to school, and it ultimately shapes the lifestyle you’ve been...
Valeant Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiary Bausch + Lomb have come under fire for its recent actions in purchasing competing gas permeable (GP) contact lens manufacturer Paragon Vision Sciences, attempts to purchase independent GP...


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Anyone who treats ocular surface disease (OSD) recognizes the important role oral antibiotics play in therapy, especially ...

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