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Sudden eye dilation can cause a patient to panic and send him straight to your practice. In the first edition of Casella’s Corner, Optometry Times Chief Optometric Editor Ben P. Casella, OD, FAAO, discusses a particular patient case...
We checked in with our Editorial Advisory Board to see how they will be celebrating Valentine's Day both in the office and at home.
As the winter season has reached its midway point, we at Optometry Times felt like a little humor could help us plow through the cold, dreary winter days.
The result of the 1804 duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr may have come down to one thing-Hamilton's glasses. Michael Brown, OD, MHS-CL, FAAO, examines the role of Hamilton's glasses and what this infamous duel...
Refractive surgery is no stranger to evolving technology and research. Jim Owen, OD, MBA, FAAO, explains how recent research has changed the way he positions laser vision correction with his patients.
The significant healthcare dilemmas of substance use pose challenges to our society. Michael W. Ohlson, OD, FAAO, discusses an optometrist's role in substance abuse treatment.
Comprehensive ocular examinations can provide an OD with an inside look into a patient's health. Mile Brujic, OD, and David Kading, OD, discuss the importance of using upper eyelid eversion during the exam to unleash significant...
Michael Cooper, OD, takes a look at how the Japanese treat allergic conjunctivitis to gain a different perspective on treatments. What he finds is that we aren't so different after all.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving around us. Thomas A. Wong, OD, looks at how AI has impacted our world and how it is set to impact patient treatment in optometry.
In Part 1 of her three-part series on cosmetic dangers, Tracy Schroeder-Swartz, OD, MS, FAAO, outlines what types of cosmetic products are available and what they do.
Dental and Optometric Care Access Act gains traction

As the DOC Care Access Act, which has the backing of the American Optometric Association and the American Dental ...

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Perspective changes after my cataract surgery

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