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Applying the Golden Metric when creating a budget and increasing your profits
Microperimetry aids diagnosis, and supplements increase circulation
It’s Thanksgiving time again, and I’m sure you’ve already started thinking about your blessings.
Laura M. Periman, MD, moves away from detergents for blepharitis treatment
Presbyopia, an age-related loss of accommodative amplitude of the eye resulting in near and intermediate vision deficits, begins to affect most people once they reach their early 40s.
So, what are your patients saying and sharing about you on Twitter these days?
In honor of Halloween, you’re getting an updated batch of staff horror stories.
Here are a couple of tips our practice uses to celebrate the Halloween fun safely and successfully.
Stick to your usual prescribing habits is the advice given by contact lens experts in the wake of the recent recall of peroxide lens care system Peroxiclear by Bausch + Lomb.
In the past when you thought of Jennifer Aniston, the girl-next-door character Rachel from Friends would come to mind.

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Virtual trial designed to explore AMD monitoring

Constructing vignettes from retina images and data can serve as a useful low-cost alternative to clinical trials for ...

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