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At present we are limited with our ability to treat presbyopes. Sure, we have progressives and multifocal contact lenses; however, from a surgical standpoint, monovision corneal refractive surgery is limited, and clear lens extraction...
How often are you using punctal plugs in your practice? If your answer is similar to mine, it’s “not as often as I used to.” Classically, punctal plugs were a go-to treatment for dry eye patients. If artificial tears failed to yield...
Two weeks ago the optometric profession heard the shocking news that Professor Brien Holden, PhD, DSc, OAM, had passed away suddenly. Brien was larger than life, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking that such an event wouldn’t be...
In the Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation Service at Southern College of Optometry, there is no one way to perform vision therapy; this list and the previous are reflective of that point.
What would be the response if I told you that prescribing an allergy medication outright was a bandage or knee-jerk approach? Now, before everyone comes after me with pitchforks, hear me out.
Is one of these tweets from one of your patients? Check out what patients are tweeting about their eye doctor visits. (Hint: They really don't like NCT.)
Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) was first described in 1974. It results from non-perfusion of the posterior ciliary blood supply to the optic nerve head.
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A new cosmetic sihy contact lens has been recently released by Alcon (Air Optix Colors), which is manufactured with lotrafilcon B and has an oxygen permeability (Dk) of 110.
Congratulations to you, your loved ones, professors, and especially your bankers and lenders. Welcome to the jungle. There are some laws in here you need to know about.

Case Reports
Managing a partial-thickness laceration
Managing a partial-thickness laceration

A 28-year-old white male presented with the complaint of a scratched right eye. He reported that earlier that day, he had ...

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I think we’ll all agree technology is great and wonderful. We wouldn't be where we are as a profession without ...

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