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Tracey Walker
Needless Antipsychotic Prescribing Runs Rampant in Nursing Homes
A study from Human Rights Watch has eye-opening findings about antipsychotic drug prescribing in U.S. nursing homes.
Four barriers to value-based care
Study reveals growing acceptance of value-based payments among family physicians, but barriers still exist.
Four PBM programs poised to rein in the opioid epidemic
PBMs are in a unique position to help curb opioid abuse. Here are four programs that demonstrate promising outcomes.
What oncologists say about new cancer treatment options
A new report from Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions gives behind-the-scenes perspectives from oncologists about CAR-T cell therapies, biosimilars and AML therapies (or genomic medicines)
Five ways to ensure millennials pay their medical bills
New TransUnion analysis explores millennial healthcare payment behavior.
Top online resources patients are using to aid in healthcare
A poll by Morning Consult on behalf of University of Phoenix, has revealing results about online health resources.
Three things you may not know about arthritis
A study from Humana and the CDC sheds eye-opening results about arthritis and health-related quality of life.
First gene therapy for cancer approved: What health execs should know
The first therapy based on gene transfer has been approved by the FDA. What’s next for healthcare executives?
Four growing diabetes trends
A new University of California, San Diego-led review has interesting findings about diabetes costs, patient care models and medication therapy.
When given the chance, will patients choose cheaper prescription drugs?
A new UC Berkeley study has surprising findings about reference pricing and patient drug selection.