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Lisette Hilton
Lisette Hilton, president of Words Come Alive, has written about health care, the science and business of medicine, fitness and wellness for 25 years. Visit www.WordsComeAlive.com.
Energy devices 101: Spotlight on lasers
What laser technologies are available and which should you have in your practice? Laser expert Michael Gold, M.D., advises in this slideshow
Absorbable implant for nasal valve collapse
New research shows a polylactic acid copolymer implant is safe and effective for supporting lateral cartilage in patients with nasal valve collapse.
Aesthetics: More than just blepharoplasty
Ophthalmologists are uniquely trained and positioned to understand the anatomy and complications of many of the cosmetic procedures around the eye. Still it takes more to be successful in the aesthetic space, according to experts.
Cosmetic dentistry is more than teeth
Botulinum toxin offers both functional and aesthetic solutions for patients in the dental practice. Here’s what you need to know about incorporating it into yours.
Business principles in dermatology practice
“Business literacy is an emerging competency that’s necessary for physicians,” says one dermatologist.
7 Tips to pricing cosmetic procedures
Experts say these procedure pricing tips will help to promote the financial health of the practice, avoid commoditization and boost professional satisfaction.
Building the optimal in-office OR
Experts offer 5 tips for taking your future in-office OR from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus learn the do's and don'ts for the in-office OR.
Prescribing barriers
Dermatologists who plan to prescribe brodalumab may face a rough road.
A new look at male chest fat
A new application of cyolipolysis proves to be an effective non-invasive option in the treatment of pseudogynecomastia, according to study.
Combat commoditization
The problem in the aesthetic marketplace is everyone offers the same thing, in the same way and says the same things, says one expert.