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Nancy Groves
Tactics for treating lymphatic malformations
Percutaneous ablation of lymphatic malformations is a safe, effective alternative to surgical resection, based on extensive follow-up of a large series of cases performed at a leading pediatric hospital in the United States.
New drugs, devices take strabismus to next level
The surgical procedures and botulinum toxin A injections widely used today to treat strabismus may be supplanted within a decade or two by new drugs and devices that are more effective.
Modern suture techniques perform better in pediatric, adult cases
With modern techniques and recent innovations, adjustable suture strabismus surgery can be performed in nearly all pediatric and adult cases, provided that ophthalmologists have had sufficient training.
Accommodation restoration: When will it be clinically available?
The goal of restoring accommodation in presbyopic eyes with femtosecond laser treatment seems to be getting closer.
Exploring future treatments of diabetic macular edema
Exploring future treatments of diabetic macular edema
The future of treatment for diabetic macular edema is likely to include a wider range of treatment options, improved efficacy, and the possibility of disease prevention.
Managing glaucoma in pregnancy bears discussion
Glaucoma medications should be used judiciously in women of childbearing age as they may pose risks to the infants of pregnant or nursing patients.
Impact of intraoperative aberrometer measurements
Recently unveiled device features video of intraoperative wavefront data that allows cataract surgeons to see continuous real-time refraction changes during surgery.
IOL calculations in post-laser vision correction eyes
Study suggests that new IOL measurement technology works more effectively than previously thought, however, still rely upon aspects of existing formulae to determine the final lens power.
Collaboration is the key to small practice survivial
Is banding together with other medical practices to create an independent practice association the right choice for you?
Hypertension: High prevalence signals new adherence challenges
Hypertension: High prevalence signals new adherence challenges
Hypertension affects one in three adults and is responsible for almost $50 billion in direct medical expenses each year. Find out what you can do to help patients win the war against this preventable disease.