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Laurie Pierce, LDO, ABOM
Why opticals must exceed, not meet, expectations
Ophthalmic lenses: Progress and promise
One needs to have an understanding of materials, designs, and changes in processes of manufacture to appreciate today's high-tech quality options. Knowing where materials and designs originated helps in seeing the road from which we traveled, as well as gaining insight into where we are going in the world of ophthalmic lenses.
Polarized lenses...not just for boating anymore
If polled, a majority of optical eye-care professionals (ECPs) likely would report that in addition to their primary pair of eyeglasses, they also own prescription sunwear or quality plano sunwear. Patients also should enjoy the lifestyle and protection that additional sunwear provides. The percentage of prescription sunwear actually dispensed, however, is drastically lower than those worn by ECPs.
$26.6B Pyramid
When optical dispensing professionals look at frame fashion trends and discuss them with our patients/clients, it is essential to have a perspective on where we have been, where we are today, and where we are going.
Premium lens products, then and now
just how important are premium lens products......to your vendor partners?
Optimize your optical, part 2
Editor's note: In part one of "Optimize Your Optical" (see Ophthalmology Times, Sept. 15, 2006) optician, dispenser, and educator Laurie Pierce shared five techniques, forged through personal experience, that have enabled her to build patients' confidence while saving time and money. In part two, Pierce offers more of her practical "how-tos."