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Paul Gomes
The latest ocular allergy treatments worth watching
Progress of ocular allergy treatment in 2017 starts with the fact that this is a mature therapeutic space, with a range of existing choices for clinicians and patients. Progression in therapies from artificial tears to antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers to topical steroids provides a suitable choice for most patients with ocular allergies.
Immunotherapy: Does it play a role in ocular allergy?
Numerous clinical trials are under way that may help to define the role of immunotherapy in ocular allergy.
Key trends show eye allergies frequent
Recent data show that although ocular allergies are common, the majority of sufferers do not seek medical help beyond over-the-counter drugs.
What's in the pipeline for dry eye and ocular allergy?
Treatments for dry eye and ocular allergy typically are directed at symptoms. Researchers have begun developing therapeutics to target the causes of dry eye and to prevent the allergic reaction.