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Leo Semes, OD, FAAO
When diabetes goes from bad to worse
A 30-year-old female with a 16-year history of insulin-dependent diabetes and no other ocular or systemic conditions developed proliferative retinopathy in March 2015. She had not been closely followed for the previous five years.
Medically managing glaucoma
Medically managing glaucoma
Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member Leo P. Semes, OD, FAAO, sits down to talk about managing glaucoma, treatment recommendations, intraocular pressure, and new medications in treating glaucoma at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, NV.
Diagnosing CHRPE lesions can be a challenge for ODs
A 26-year-old healthy ophthalmically asymptomatic female patient attended the University of Alabama School of Optometry clinic for a periodic ophthalmic evaluation. Her history was significant for myopic refractive correction, for which she wore soft contact lenses successfully.
The case of the blurred disc margins
A 16-year-old female was scheduled for her periodic ophthalmic evaluation to update her spectacle lens prescription. At the visit, she reported a history of migraines, but the remainder of her personal and family medical history was non-contributory. She took no medications and had a history of low hyperopic refractive correction.
Visual phenomena, decreased vision secondary to occipital lobe infarct
Visual phenomena, decreased vision secondary to occipital lobe infarct
Microperimetry aids diagnosis, and supplements increase circulation
The case of the disappearing drusen
The case of the disappearing drusen
At her periodic eye examination, a female patient in her early 70s was discovered to have low-risk macular degeneration in each eye. Further evaluation revealed that her visual acuity (VA) was correctable to 20/25 in each eye.
Eye punch leads to choroidal rupture
Significant in her history was blunt trauma to the left eye approximately six years earlier. The nature of this was described as, “…getting a finger poked in my eye.” There were no contributory elements to her medical, family, or social histories.
Evaluating early-onset Stargardt disease
A 33-year-old male attended to University of Alabama at Birmingham Eye Care complaining of blurry vision with either eye at both distance and near. He had a history of spectacle lens wear since childhood but also admitted to losing his glasses in most cases shortly after receiving them.
Central serous retinopathy helped by NSAIDs
A 27-year-old male whose last eye examination was seven years earlier in India presented to University of Alabama at Birmingham Eye Care for a comprehensive eye examination.
Multiple diagnostic modalities for x-linked retinoschisis
A six-year old white male presented for low vision rehabilitation with a history of X-linked retinoschisis (XLRS). He reported blurred vision for a year.