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Donna Marbury
Meaningful use penalties sear more than half of EPs in 2015
Starting in January, nearly 257,000 eligible professionals will face a 1% cut to their Medicare reimbursements for not meeting meaningful use standards, according to CMS.
SGR reform, Medicaid parity untouched by lawmakers in lame duck session
Medical societies are dismayed that some of physicians’ top concerns were not addressed during Congress’ lame duck session.
ICD-10 supporters flood Congress members with tweets
AHIMA-sponsored Twitter rally reaps more than 5,000 tweets to stop another ICD-10 delay
New diabetes patients aren’t learning self care, study says
New diabetes patients aren’t learning self care, study says
Fewer than 7% of newly diagnosed diabetes patients take part in diabetes self-management and education training.
More practices to offer digital self-scheduling in the near future
Soon patients will be able to interact with physicians the same way they buy clothes or music—online.
Another ICD-10 delay could be looming
The AMA, along with many regional medical societies, is urging Congress to include another ICD-10 implementation delay to a stalled appropriations bill during the current lame duck session.
ACOs may have three more years before sharing risk with CMS
CMS wants to create additional ACO models to increase both participation and risk and reward opportunities.
Top 4 technology challenges for 2015
How physicians can manage growing technology obligations in the practice.
Top 5 financial challenges facing physicians in 2015
It shouldn’t be surprising that, in this constantly changing ecosystem, more practices are struggling to maintain financial homeostasis.
Top 15 challenges facing physicians in 2015
Top 15 challenges facing physicians in 2015
It’s possible to maintain a viable, even thriving practice if physicians confront challenges and identify fixes that can improve their lives and the health of their patients.