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Milton M. Hom, OD, FAAO, FACAAI (Sc)
Using neurostimulation to treat dry eye
Using neurostimulation to treat dry eye
Neurostimulation could be the “next big thing” in dry eye disease (DED). A new neurostimulation device called TrueTear (Allergan) is a patient-directed, non-pharmacologic option.
Antibiotic resistance in the eyecare practice
From superbugs to MRSA, cautious antibiotic use can help
Why ODs should care about antibiotic resistance
Milton Hom, OD, FAAO, shares why optometrists should care about antibiotic resistance.
Treat rosacea by treating the cause: demodex
Treat rosacea by treating the cause: demodex
Years ago, Mark Dunbar, OD, FAAO, of Bascom Palmer shared with me some cases about rosacea. I was a little taken aback because the cases he shared concerned Hispanic patients, not the usual patients of Northern English isles descent we read about in school. The skeptic in me was doubtful, even though Mark had great pictures and detailed data from the cases.
Is it all about itch?
Time and again, we hear the mantra about itch and allergy—if it itches, then it’s allergy. For most patients, this holds true. But, there are times when there are no itch symptoms, but allergy is present. Experience has taught one clinician that there are 5 symptoms that mean allergic conjunctivitis.