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Scott Schachter, OD
Dr. Schachter specializes in ocular surface disease and serves as a Vision Source administrator for central California coast. He serves on the advisory board for Allergan, BlephEx, Sun Pharma, and ScienceBased Health, and he is a speaker for Allergan, Bausch + Lomb, and BioTissue. Dr. Schachter has at his house three dogs, a 100-pound tortoise, an aviary, alpaca, llama, cat, and 12 chickens.
A different approach to treating demodex blepharitis
You see them year after year in your chair: persistent cylindrical dandruff (CD), red lid margins, and eyelash distention. You've prescribed lid scrubs with baby shampoo, warm compresses, and even steroid/antibiotic combo drops, but nothing seems to resolve the condition. If this is the case, it's likely you are dealing with demodex blepharitis.