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David Kading, OD, FAAO, FCLSA
Dr. Kading owns a two-location, three-doctor practice in Seattle. He specializes in dry eye and contact lenses with an emphasis on keratoconus and meibomian gland dysfunction. He also owns Optometric Insights, a service providing career coaching, with Dr. Mile Brujic.
What is the best contact lens for your patient?
We have been the fortunate recipients of innovative technologies in contact lenses that were only concepts a mere decade ago. As a profession, we transitioned most of our two-week and monthly disposable contact lens wearers who were in traditional hydrogel materials into silicone hydrogel materials.
Why you need to be a good salesperson
my fellow shared with me that after I left the room, the patient complained about me being a “salesman.” Awestruck, I came away realizing that my best intents and clinical knowledge had been taken the wrong way and that the cost of the best treatment for this patient were overshadowed by the fact that she was going to have an out-of-pocket cost.
When cost dictates treatment, the patient loses
I think that most of us would agree that new technologies generally mean better patient outcomes. But those outcomes always come with an added cost.
Tips for preventing the progression of myopia
David Kading, OD, FAAO, shares his tips for helping to prevent the progression of myopia in children.
Where do you fall on the optometry spectrum?
When it comes to optometry, innovation, and pushing for better care for your patients, where are you? We have met practitioners on all sides of the spectrum in many areas of optometry.
First-class dry eye treatment
I can assure you that as consumers, we are all looking for the first-class treatment. When it comes to recommendations for your patients, do you offer them best-in-class treatments, or do you hold back?
Corneal size does matter in contact lens fit
Corneal size does matter in contact lens fit
Corneal size does matter. In fact, it can turn a simple soft contact lens fitting into a complex clinical puzzle.
How to crush it with a residency
How to crush it with a residency
I believe that residencies give an opportunity to catapult us into our careers. When approached with the right mindset and the fortitude to work your tail off, you will be surprised what one more year of training can bring you. Rarely do we get a guarantee in life, but I’ll give you one here: When you set out to crush it, are willing to work hard, are flexible, and consider failure as a learning opportunity, you are guaranteed to succeed.
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