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Vernon Trollinger
OD Q&A: Barbara Horn, OD
My brother when he was a child, the oldest, got to have vision therapy at a little optometrist’s office. My mother and I would sit there and watch him go through his therapy, and I always thought it looked like so much fun. So, watching him I was jealous that he got to do it, and I didn’t.
Q&A: Joan Hansen, OD
In Manitoba, I worked in an optometrist’s office called Transcona Optical for three years. They wanted me join their practice and be a partner. But their idea of partnership wasn’t my idea of partnership, and I chose to start looking elsewhere.
OD Q&A: Agustin Gonzalez, OD, FAAO, ABCMO, Clinic Director of Eye & Vision, Richardson, TX
I grew up in Puerto Rico. Actually, I was born in Cuba during the Castro Revolution. My parents exiled to Spain and ended up in Florida, but I actually grew up most of my life in Puerto Rico. I attended third grade up to completing high school.
Q&A: Jeffrey Sonsino, OD, FAAO
I have very simple advice for students who are finishing up or new grads: figure out what you want to do. If your goal is to get out to work for a big box store or in a commercial setting, then go into that right when you’re done.
Q&A: Eric White, OD, owner of Complete Family Vision Care, San Diego
A lot of my parents’ friends were doctors, and every medical doctor said, “I hate what I do, but I love the money.” Every optometrist said, “This is the greatest profession in the world.” So, that’s when I decided that if you love what you, do the money will come.
Q&A: Kelly Nichols, OD, MPH, PhD
Midway through my education at University of California in San Diego, I was meeting with guidance counselors about what type of medical field I might like, and I hadn’t decided.
Q&A: Jill Autry, OD, RPh
North Carolina has always been a very progressive state as far as optometry is concerned, so I assumed that all the states were like North Carolina.
Q&A: Dori Carlson, OD
I was the kid who was in the optometrist’s office when I was young because I couldn’t see the chalkboard when I was in third grade. My optometrist put me in contact lenses at the age of nine, and I’ve been wearing them ever since, so I spent a bunch of time in my optometrist’s office.
OD Q&A: Glenda B. Secor, OD, FAAO
When I got my first pair of contact lenses when I was in high school, I thought they were wonderful. Now, they have studies that talk about self-esteem and contact lenses and what a great difference they can make in a young person’s life. But I think I was representative of that philosophy because I thought my contact lenses were wonderful. It made a lifelong impression on me, so that’s what I wanted to do.
OD Q&A: Alan Glazier, OD
It started out my desire to have a different forum from the ones I was engaging in. Most forums at the time were difficult places to navigate, hard to find what you were looking for, and sometimes it was upsetting because you could throw something on there innocently enough and somebody would shoot of the woodwork and insult you or start a controversy around what you said.