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Vernon Trollinger
Q&A: Devin Sasser
I grew up in a small town called Mesquite, TX, right on the edge of Dallas, a small suburb. Texas weather is very temperamental (no pun intended), so there are days when it’s really cool. Real cool to me is about 50°F. [Laughs] Oh man, it’s cold outside, and then the next day it’s 80°F. I’m used to living in that range. And St. Louis, we have a winter here…but something about last year’s. It never went away.
Q&A: Joseph T. Barr, OD, FAAO, Emeritus Professor at the Ohio State University College of Optometry
Q&A: Joseph T. Barr, OD, FAAO, Emeritus Professor at the Ohio State University College of Optometry
My grandfather was one of the first instructors in the 100-year old College of Optometry at The Ohio State University. I never knew him; he died when I was 2. He had an optometry practice in my home town. My father was an optician—he made spectacles and managed a lab. So I knew the optometric field as early as I can remember.
OD Q&A: Hunter W. Chapman, AOSA Trustee, AOA-PAC National Liaison, SCO Student Ambassador
I got involved legislatively before I even attended optometry school. I went to LSU, which is in the state capitol, Baton Rouge. One of the optometrist I was shadowing at the time was going to a committee hearing for a nondiscriminatory bill for reimbursement rates for optometrists.
Dry eye, skeet shooting, driving to Vegas
I grew up, you could say, all over the place. My dad worked for a corporation. I was born in Union City, TN. Beyond that, we lived in Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio, then we moved on to Canada, Brazil, and Luxembourg. We’ve been all over the place. A lot of people wonder if I was an army brat. I was a corporation brat.
Dave Sattler, FAAO, Director of professional relations—academic development, Alcon
It was my second “real” job. It was an opportunity when Alcon was building its optometric sales organization, it’s first endeavor as Vision Care. I was one of the first hires back in 1986. I was previously working in consumer products, totally unrelated area with Oscar Meyer.
OD Q&A: Millicent Knight, OD
He asked for a recommendation, and they suggested that he take me to the Illinois College of Optometry because they do very comprehensive eye examinations. I went, and it was determined that I needed vision therapy. Once a week I went to vision therapy. My father says I was about 8, he picked me up from vision therapy and I matter of factly said to him, “Dad, I’m going to be an eye doctor.” And he said, “Oh. Great. You’re 8.”
OD Q&A Michael W. Ohlson, OD, FAAO
I was working in San Francisco, I had a biology and chemistry degree, I didn’t like what I was doing anymore and met an optometrist. I had good experiences in optometry in my hometown with Dr. Crouch, and I decided that I’d pursue optometry. It seemed like a good match in my interest in helping people and science.