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Marek Biernacinski
How to prevent tech revenge at your practice
How to prevent tech revenge at your practice
Imagine coming into the office one day and getting word that all of your patient data, past records, tax documents, and financial statements had all been stolen—or worse yet, erased.
12 ways to prevent embezzlement
Two out of every five small businesses are victims of employee embezzlement, and most of these crimes are perpetrated by employees who had been with the company one to five years, have a college degree, and have access to the company’s accounting records.
OCTs ushering new era in complex contact lens fittings
Complex contact lenses, including scleral lenses, have unique fitting considerations that may be augmented with additional optic scans, says Jeffrey Sonsino, OD, FAAO, of Nashville, TN, at SECO 2017.
Optometry must adapt to evolving AI
Imagine a computer that creates patient care plans, a front office that holds no inventory, and patients who have their optometry visits in virtual reality.
Why ODs should monitor hypertension in patients
Optometrists need to take on a greater role in helping patients identify and control hypertension
Advances in femto provide better results, fewer complications
Advances in femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) providing better results, fewer complications, and higher rates of patient satisfaction.
Managing presbyopia with surgery
Current methodologies for surgically addressing presbyopia and new technologies that are shaping the process.
Charting new directions in glaucoma treatment
Ben Gaddie, OD, FAAO, Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member, noted several specific areas that were advancing to give ODs better data and better control over patient health outcomes, including: • Corneal mechanics • 24-hour IOP monitoring • New glaucoma drugs and drug delivery systems • Advancements in OCT imaging
Solving optical complaints
So many dispensaries struggle with common problems that hamper both efficiency and customer or patient relationships. From salespeople who don't truly believe in the product, to miscommunication, to costly product replacements, these challenges can all be handled with simple pivoting both in mindset and adoption of office-wide systems.
Understanding primary angle closure glaucoma
Glaucoma comes in more than one flavor, and while open-angle glaucoma has received more attention, its angle-closure cousin has flown under the radar in the United States.