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Michael S. Cooper, OD
Michael S. Cooper, OD, is in private practice in Willimantic, CT. He is a consultant to Allergan, BioTissue, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Alcon, TearLab, Epocrates, and has received past honoraria from Alcon and inVentiv Health.
Watch for ocular signs of Lyme disease
Watch for ocular signs of Lyme disease
Lyme disease is an infectious disease caused by Borrelia bacteria which is spread by ticks. Editorial Advisory Board member Michael Cooper, OD, explains Lyme disease and the ocular conditions associated with it.
How the Japanese treat allergic conjunctivitis
How the Japanese treat allergic conjunctivitis
Michael Cooper, OD, takes a look at how the Japanese treat allergic conjunctivitis to gain a different perspective on treatments. What he finds is that we aren't so different after all.
Substance P: Dry eye and allergy’s mixed signal or missing link?
Inflammation may lead to heightened peripheral sensitization and stimulation through a developing concept in which neuroimmune cross-talk causes the confounding interplay of both signs and symptoms in dry eye and allergic disease.
Epicutaneous immunotherapy may transform allergy treatment
As an allergy sufferer myself, I tend to pore over the journals and literature to learn what new exciting technologies may be on the horizon. When I came across epicutaneous immunotherapy (EPIT), my mind went in a multitude of different directions about the endless possibilities for both systemic and ocular allergy management.
How to combat vernal keratoconjunctivitis
It is a precarious position considering the desire to find the perfect remedy— yet with vernal keratoconjunctivitis (VKC), there is no magic bullet.
How palynology and aldehydes affect allergy treatment
As technology leaps forward with medicine, it is prudent at times to appreciate how far we have come in managing and treating allergic eye disease. In fact, let us look back to the beginning in ancient Rome with the first recorded case of atopy. One of these authors, Suetonius, wrote with great detail in his biographical text De vita Caeserum about the distinctive lives of the first Roman emperors.
What Thomas Edison and goldenrod teach us about allergy
Right about now, you are probably wondering, “Is there a real connection between the plant and the late inventor?”
A new player in point-of-care allergy testing
A new player in point-of-care allergy testing
What would be the response if I told you that prescribing an allergy medication outright was a bandage or knee-jerk approach? Now, before everyone comes after me with pitchforks, hear me out.
The increasing role of climate, hygiene, and aerobiology in allergy
With Earth’s climate change, both higher temperature and carbon dioxide levels have been inducing vigorous amounts of allergen production from multiple plant and tree species blooming faster than expected for at least the past 160 years.
3 tips to navigate the allergy discussion with kids
How often do you ask a child in the exam chair if her eyes were ever itchy or watery? When I started to ask this question to every patient in my pediatric population, it was quite evident that there was an undiscovered gold mine in my anterior segment practice. Allergies in the pediatric population are trending upward in a startling and truly dangerous manner.