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Karen Appold
Make the most of predictive analytics: Top tips for health systems, health plans
Make the most of predictive analytics: Top tips for health systems, health plans
Predictive analytics involves extracting information from data and using it to forecast the future based on existing patterns and associations. For managed care organizations, the potential is limitless.
Considerations when treating children with lasers
A laser is a suitable mode of treatment for certain dermatologic conditions in pediatric patients; however, there are certain procedural aspects that physicians should consider when treating younger children.
Four things to know about the Cleveland Clinic-Oscar Health partnership
Oscar Health, a health-insurance startup, will work with the Cleveland Clinic to offer individual health insurance plans to consumers in northeast Ohio.
Four things to watch in Senate Obamacare replacement
Healthcare analysts offer four things MCOs should know about the Better Care Reconciliation Act or BCRA.
Managed Care Pharmacy Survey 2017
To identify the top managed care pharmacy challenges and what your peers are doing about them, Managed Healthcare Executive conducted its annual pharmacy survey during the first quarter of 2017.
How Americans really feel about the AHCA
A new Kaiser poll has surprising results and three important findings.
Top four approaches to reduce pharmaceutical costs
Top four approaches to reduce pharmaceutical costs
MCOs are fighting back against rising pharmaceutical costs. Here are the top strategies they are embracing.
Experts discuss the place for female rejuvenation
Some dermatogists are proponents of adding female rejuvenation to practice. Others believe it’s not within the specialty’s domain.
ACA exchanges: Who's in, who's out?
What MCOs should know about insurers’ plans for the marketplace exchanges in 2018.
AHCA next steps: 4 things MCOs should know
What are the next steps for the bill, and how likely is it that it will become law? Here’s are four things MCOs should know.