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Dr Francesco Carones
Francesco Carones, MD, is medical director of the Carones Ophthalmology Centre, Milan, Italy. He may be reached be E-mail: [email protected] or Tel: +39 2 76318174.
Numbers transform dry eye treatment for symptomatic, asymptomatic patients
Adding objective point-of-care dry eye diagnostics to your practice has deep, measurable effects, including more accurate and consistent IOL power calculations.
Multifacets of a multifocal IOL
A new +2.5 D add version of a multifocal IOL features a redesigned optic that enhances visual function at intermediate and distance and delivers excellent visual quality.
Clinical experience with AcrySof ReSTOR lens in refractive patients
Refractive lens exchange has become the procedure of choice for correcting high ametropia in the presbyopic patient. From the refractive surgeon's perspective, the AcrySof? ReSTOR? lens is a wonderful option for refractive lens exchange. It is safest in eyes without high or excessive axial length. Until recently, the only implants available for refractive lens exchange were monofocal intraocular lenses (IOLs). These provided patients with a single focal point, either for reading or for distance. The Array? multifocal IOL became available several years ago, but my experience, and the collective experience of many other surgeons, was that this zonal refractive, multifocal IOL did not provide a satisfactory result for most patients.