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Aubrey Westgate
Survey: Big data presents top challenge for managed care executives
Greg Scott, national leader of the health plans practice at Deloitte Consulting, LLP, shares how plans and providers may be able to better apply big data.
Turning data into action: 8 tips for plans, providers
Managed Healthcare Executive's State of the Industry Survey findings reveal that most plans and providers are struggling with data analytics. Here are some tips.
Top 5 industry challenges of 2016
Top 5 industry challenges of 2016
The top 5 industry challenges facing managed care executives, according to the findings of Managed Healthcare Executive's State of the Industry Survey.
Health plan executives' top population health priorities
Here's how four plans are using the management strategy to improve quality, reduce costs.
Top 10 sessions to attend at ASH 2015
Traveling to Orlando for ASH 2015? Make the most out of your trip by attending these presentations. View the top 10.
UnitedHealth Group may exit ACA exchanges: What to Know
During the first half of 2016, UnitedHealth Group will determine to what extent it can to participate in the public exchange markets in 2017. Here's what this means for the industry.
Population health management: 7 ways you should be using it
Is your plan making full use of its population health management systems? To help you find out, we asked two experts to weigh in.
Health execs: If I could change one thing about the industry
We asked the Managed Healthcare Executive editorial advisory board, if you could change one thing about the healthcare industry what would it be? Here’s what they said.
Prior approval program stems surge of psych med scripts for at-risk kids
The increasing use of behavioral health medications and polypharmacy in children is concerning, but a new Massachusetts program may help.
What will healthcare look like in three years?
During their headline session at the AMCP conference, presenters from Avalere Health shared their predictions for "three futures" in the healthcare market.