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Aubrey Westgate
Health insurance exchange state rankings: 9 top performers
The National Health Council recently released a state progress report of health insurance exchanges. View the key findings.
Fourteen skills every executive assistant should have
Next time you are looking to hire a new executive assistant, find someone with these skills and attributes
Advanced practitioners: Expanded role, bigger impact
Despite the potential benefits PAs offer, significant challenges to fully integrating them remain.
Top Book Recommendations for Healthcare Executives
We asked the Managed Healthcare Executive editorial advisory board, what book would you recommend to other executives? Here's what they said.
Five factors that influence health plan selection
A recent survey by FAIR Health, an independent, not-for-profit dedicated to healthcare cost and insurance transparency, indicates the top factors that influence consumers' health plan selection.
Ten Health Organizations Slammed by Cyber Breaches
Cybersecurity breaches are hitting the healthcare industry hard. Here are 10 recent victims.
Are you complying with ACA coverage requirements?
A recent report claims that many insurers are failing to comply with ACA coverage requirements. Here are some of the key requirements to pay attention to.
Aetna-Humana acquisition: What executives should know
To find how the consolidation will impact other payers and the industry, we asked several experts and consultants to weigh in. Here's what they said.
Preparing for change: How does your health system stack up?
How does your health system compare to others when it comes to new initiatives? Recent survey findings from HFMA might provide some answers.
Determining the best approach to consolidation in healthcare
Payers and providers must consider the key differences between two consolidation models: "horizontal consolidations" and "vertical consolidations." Here's why.