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Bryant Furlow
Incremental clinical advances for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Just last year, the FDA approved Exondys 51 (eteplirsen) for DMD, over the recommendations of FDA scientists and an external scientific advisory committee. Read more.
Top challenges likely to slow adoption of biosimilars
Biosimilars will reshape clinical care and managed care pharmacy but ambiguities in the regulatory landscape and knowledge gaps among clinicians seem likely slow adoption.
Shifting trends in the pharmaceutical marketplace: What to watch
From public furor over price hikes to the loss of patent protections for blockbuster drugs, big changes are afoot in the pharmaceutical marketplace. Read more.
Rapid oncology innovation raises management challenges for payers
Oncology is a complex and rapidly-evolving management challenge for payers.
Top considerations when determining whether to approve expensive drugs
Weighing the ethics of approving expensive cancer drugs for patients facing terminal disease is a multifaceted endeavor. Here are some recommendations.
Expedited FDA approval plays dominant role in drug approvals
Last year was a banner year for generic drug approvals by the FDA. Find out what’s in store for 2017.
Predictive analytics reduces chemotherapy-associated hospitalizations
Patient risk can improve value-based cancer care. Find out how.
FDA approvals for specialty drugs to pick up in 2017
Numerous specialty medications, generics, and biosimilars, are expected to be approved this year for cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and other indications.
State medical marijuana laws continue to expand
Medical marijuana’s therapeutic evidence base remains nascent and controversial but the regulatory landscape is evolving rapidly.
Gene therapy could be ‘ultimate solution’ for sickle cell disease
Investigational gene therapies might reduce the suffering and death caused by this genetic disease.