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Tami L. Hagemeyer, ABOC, FNAO
Tami Hagemeyer is the lead optician at Premier Vision Group in Bowling Green, OH. She is responsible for all phases of optometric and medical eye care, frame styling, purchasing, and inventory management. Encouraging positivity and team building through inter-office training lead to a discovery of enjoyment with sharing her knowledge and experience. Tami and her husband Dave enjoy traveling and spending time with their family.
Building trust with patients builds the practice
Building trust with patients builds the practice
Creating a positive first impression is more than a significant factor during our patients’ first contact with our practices, which is almost always via a telephone call. During the initial conversation, our soon-to-be patients are faced with a fundamental decision—are they comfortable with what they perceive as our practices’ personality? Is it a good fit?
Dealing with unhappy patients at your practice
Dealing with unhappy patients at your practice
Tami L. Hagemeyer, ABOC, FNAO, discusses dealing with unhappy patients, how to diffuse the situation, and maintaining patient loyalty.
How I found my mentors
I have been fortunate in my professional life to have not one but two mentors who have given me direction and helped expand my optical career into an amazing instrument of communication. I am now able to connect with my peers, and appreciate the opportunity to speak at various optical conferences.
Educate your patients about astigmatism
If patients notice a decrease in night vision or have frequent headaches, increased eye fatigue, blurred/distorted vision, the diagnosis could be astigmatism.
Help your patients out of their optical comfort zone
One Sunday afternoon while at our local mall, I ran into Mary, a wonderful lady who has been a loyal patient for many years. We exchanged pleasantries, she asked about my family, and I inquired about her new grandchild.
Help! My team is falling apart
Help! My team is falling apart
Ever feel like you were on a sinking ship? Sometimes you want to be the one to jump off!
Super optician to the rescue!
A Post-It note leads me on a quest to make it right for the patient