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Mile Brujic, OD, FAAO
Dr. Mile Brujic practices in Bowling Green, OH. He also owns Optometric Insights, a service providing career coaching to optometrists.
Why making connections is vital to your optometry career
I have been fortunate in my career to meet some amazing people: optometrists, ophthalmologists, editors, those involved with industry, and several others along the way. One of the things I enjoy most about the profession is working and collaborating with many to help advance the profession and continue to move it forward.
ICD-10 diaries: The first days of implementation
As the ICD-10 implementation deadline approached, we asked several practitioners to document their experience leading up to and the days after implementation.
3 reasons why lens care is still important
We believe that this is still an important topic, and we ask patient to bring in their contact lens case, solutions, and any other products they may be using to care for their eyes or contact lenses.
Where do you fall on the optometry spectrum?
When it comes to optometry, innovation, and pushing for better care for your patients, where are you? We have met practitioners on all sides of the spectrum in many areas of optometry.
First-class dry eye treatment
I can assure you that as consumers, we are all looking for the first-class treatment. When it comes to recommendations for your patients, do you offer them best-in-class treatments, or do you hold back?
Assess dry eye from a systemic standpoint
Approaching dry eye from a systemic standpoint can potentially benefit patients in the long term and improve the quality of care we provide. Here are a few key considerations that should be made when assessing dry eye as a potential systemic symptom.
Contact lens follow-ups
Dr. Mile Brujic and Dr. Jason Miller debate the need for contact lens follow-ups.
Ocular surface strategies are a must for treating patients with glaucoma
As a chronic disease, glaucoma requires long-term, lifetime treatment, often with multiple ophthalmic medications.
Choose preservative-free options for benzalkonium chloride-sensitive options
The use of a preservative-free glaucoma medication is advisable when there is concern about preservatives such as BAK.