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Fred Gebhart
The author is a correspondent for Urology Times, a sister publication.
5 rules to repair DALK ruptures
Worried about rupture during a deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK)? You may be overreacting. While rupture is the most common complication of DALK, its repair is not as difficult as commonly thought.
Similarities seen in ocular protein deposits in glaucoma, dementia
The latest findings in the similarities between protein deposits seen in the eyes of patients with glaucoma and those with dementia are highlighted.
Creating corneal inlay pockets with femtosecond laser technology
A surgeon with clinical experience with three femtosecond lasers discusses the practicalities of creating ideal femtosecond laser inlay pockets.
Novel gelatin stent works effectively as stand-alone procedure
One-year results are reviewed for use of a novel ab-interno gelatin stent as a stand-alone procedure for patients with mild-to-moderate primary open-angle glaucoma.
Identifying new forms of infectious uveitis
Identifying new forms of infectious uveitis
Evidence suggests more ophthalmologists should perform aqueous sampling and viral testing in hypertensive anterior uveitis cases.
Prompt attention vital to managing severe corneal infections
Conducting a good history and a careful exam can usually lead clinicians to the right diagnosis and treatment in cases of severe microbial keratitis.
Getting to the root cause of ocular allergy
Being armed with as much information as possible about a patient’s ocular allergies can make a major difference in treatment decisions, whether for dry eye or scheduling of ocular surgery.
What punctal plug delivery of dexamethasone means for allergic conjunctivitis
Treatment of chronic allergic conjunctivitis with a sustained-release dexamethasone resulted in better clinical results because of the sustained and controlled delivery.
Imaging device for newborns may prompt universal vision screening
The recent approval of an imaging device for newborn vision screening allows clinicians to image the anterior and posterior segments, the angle, and the fundus.
Sustained-release formula may obviate need for post-cataract steroid therapy
Two phase III trials evaluated sustained-release dexamethasone for the treatment of inflammation and pain after cataract surgery.