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Risks associated with omega-3 supplementation
Risks associated with omega-3 supplementationDuring my preoperative visit, my surgeon handed me a list of no less then 165 medications and supplements that I should stop taking 14 days prior to my surgery. Fish and krill oil were on the list, as were aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)—as expected.
How ODs celebrate Valentine’s Day
How ODs celebrate Valentine’s DayWe checked in with our Editorial Advisory Board to see what they’re doing both in the office and at home for Valentine’s Day.
Practicing cultural sensitivity in the officeConversation depends on two people talking to each other and, hopefully, being heard and understood. But there are a host of unspoken cues that are conveyed which have nothing to do with words—but have everything to do with interpretation and meaning.
The benefits of cleaning out your practice
The benefits of cleaning out your practiceToday, I donated the suit that I got married in. Yep, I took it to the secondhand store and walked away.
It’s not easy seeing green
It’s not easy seeing greenThe great philosopher Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green.” Not only that, I thought at the time— it’s not easy seeing green either!
It’s about ocular health, not sales
It’s about ocular health, not salesContact lenses are medical devices. I can write it again and again. These are not commodities.
5 tips to keep your exams on track
5 tips to keep your exams on trackHave you ever sat in the exam room with a patient and felt like the exam had gotten away from you?
10 tips to surviving an insurance audit
10 tips to surviving an insurance auditTo protect you and your practice, it is important to have a plan and process in place in the case of an audit
Be present with your patients
Be present with your patientsMake a more deliberate effort to be present with your patients
Looking back at 2016
Looking back at 2016Before the new year gets too far along, let’s take a brief look at the happenings in the pages of Optometry Times during 2016.