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4 things you need to know about contact lens dropoutDr. Scott Schachter shares four factors that are affecting contact lens dropout in both a positive and negative way
Does your practice have a culture of can’t?I hear a lot of talk about having a culture of service in the office. I know of some offices that are truly remarkable in their service culture. These offices have patterned themselves after Nordstrom, Ritz-Carlton, or other noted service culture mainstays.
Why ‘Made in Italy’ is often a lie
Why ‘Made in Italy’ is often a lieWhat do we buy when we buy “Made In Italy?” Every time I visit a factory—whether it is in Italy or China—I’m amazed by the whole production process. To me, it’s beautiful—from the mixing of block acetate to form sheets, through the cutting of frame fronts and temples, shooting the temple core, tumbling, and finally, assembly.