Optometry Times News Flash
MD ODs look to order tests, Rx all agents, remove foreign bodiesThe Maryland Optometric Association (MOA) introduced a bill to the state legislature that would expand its scope of practice in the state. The bill would allow ODs to order tests, Rx all agents, remove foreign bodies and put Maryland (MD) on par with other states.
The benefits of cleaning out your practiceToday, I donated the suit that I got married in. Yep, I took it to the secondhand store and walked away.
Risks associated with omega-3 supplementationDuring my preoperative visit, my surgeon handed me a list of no less then 165 medications and supplements that I should stop taking 14 days prior to my surgery. Fish and krill oil were on the list, as were aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)—as expected.
How ODs celebrate Valentine’s DayWe checked in with our Editorial Advisory Board to see what they’re doing both in the office and at home for Valentine’s Day.
Proper diagnosis of OSD, dry eye hinges on right protocol in placeScott Schachter, OD, discusses dry eye disease, ocular surface disease, and developing protocols to diagnose both in his latest video blog.
What patients are tweeting about their ODs
6 steps to survive a ransomware attackHere are the six tips I learned to help survive a ransomware attack.