Optometry Times News Flash
Tales from the Dark Web: illicit drugs, bitcoins, and social mediaI thought I would share what I learned about obtaining digitally accessible drugs, and what drugs are commonly obtained over the Internet.
How IPL can help dry eyeWith the recent DEWS II Report1 still beginning to make its impact on diagnosis and treatment strategies in dry eye, the timing is perfect to begin rethinking our standard treatment protocols.
Medically managing glaucomaOptometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member Leo P. Semes, OD, FAAO, sits down to talk about managing glaucoma, treatment recommendations, intraocular pressure, and new medications in treating glaucoma at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, NV.
Corneal hysteresis indicator for glaucoma progressionJustin Schweitzer, OD, in Sioux Falls, SD, examines corneal hysteresis and discusses how it may be an indicator for glaucoma progression in patients at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, NV.
How to better fit progressive spectacle lensesBetter understanding progressive spectacle lenses (PALs) and how to troubleshoot the fit leads to happier patients who are satisfied with their vision.
How to use surveys to improve service at your practiceSurveying potential new patients, existing patients, or employees can help ODs deliver better service by knowing what people want and giving it to them, says Bethany Fishbein, OD, consultant at The Power Practice practice management group and private practice owner in Somerset, NJ.
Identifying the great imposters of retinal detachmentOptometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member Mohammad Rafieetary, OD, FAAO, sits down to discuss the different forms of retinal detachment and common conditions that are misdiagnosed as retinal detachment at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, NV.
Glaucoma patients' gender plays a role in treatmentsLouise A. Sclafani, OD, FAAO, talks about the different concerns with men and women when diagnosing and treating glaucoma patients at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, NV.
ODs’ top 4 gripes about vision care plans: Part 4—Competing with me for retail sales and patientsOptometrists are increasingly feeling pressure on their practices as vision care plans (VCPs) move toward a model that not only cuts reimbursements but also competes with them for patients, goods, and services.