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How ODs celebrate Valentine’s Day
How ODs celebrate Valentine’s DayWe checked in with our Editorial Advisory Board to see what they’re doing both in the office and at home for Valentine’s Day.
Practicing cultural sensitivity in the officeConversation depends on two people talking to each other and, hopefully, being heard and understood. But there are a host of unspoken cues that are conveyed which have nothing to do with words—but have everything to do with interpretation and meaning.
Help your patients out of their optical comfort zoneOne Sunday afternoon while at our local mall, I ran into Mary, a wonderful lady who has been a loyal patient for many years. We exchanged pleasantries, she asked about my family, and I inquired about her new grandchild.
Poll: What is your first-line therapy for blepharitis?Do you reach first for warm compresses or lid scrubs? What about antibiotics? Weigh in!
MD ODs look to order tests, Rx all agents, remove foreign bodiesThe Maryland Optometric Association (MOA) introduced a bill to the state legislature that would expand its scope of practice in the state. The bill would allow ODs to order tests, Rx all agents, remove foreign bodies and put Maryland (MD) on par with other states.
I have an office mascot
I have an office mascotBuddy is my little shadow. We’ve become inseparable. An energetic diminutive furball, he also serves as our unofficial office mascot.
3 steps to script for second-pair sales
The benefits of cleaning out your practice
The benefits of cleaning out your practiceToday, I donated the suit that I got married in. Yep, I took it to the secondhand store and walked away.
Introducing: Modern Retina
Introducing: Modern RetinaOphthalmology Times is pleased to introduce a new clinical and educational platform for retina specialists called Modern Retina.
Ocular surface disease limits surgical optionsPrepare your patient by assessing and treating the ocular surface