Glaucoma and outer space: What’s the connection?What if glaucoma is actually a “two-pressure” disease caused by a differential between intraocular pressure (IOP) and cerebrospinal fluid pressure (CSFp)?
Why retinal vasculature could aid glaucoma diagnosisCongenital anomalies, angle closure, and juvenile open-angle glaucoma aside, it can be generally agreed upon that glaucoma tends to be a disease of relatively older persons. This rings especially true in the arena of normal-tension glaucoma in which intraocular pressure (IOP) may play less of a causative role compared to vascular and hemodynamic dysfunction.
Hollow victory: Why our glaucoma victory felt meaningless
Hollow victory: Why our glaucoma victory felt meaninglessIt’s an oft-repeated mantra among those of us who treat glaucoma: The goal of glaucoma therapy is to maintain adequate functional vision until the patient dies. Like a lot of mantras, we spout it almost glibly.
Understanding drainage in glaucoma surgery
Understanding drainage in glaucoma surgeryIt is important for optometrists to be familiar with these devices and the rationale behind the device chosen. This article describes what each device is, how they work, complications, and postoperative care.
Drance hemorrhages and quarterly optic disc evaluationNot very long ago, a 55-year-old African-American female presented with complaints of redness in her right eye for one week’s duration with mild discomfort. Medical history was significant for arterial hypertension, which was reportedly controlled with an oral beta blocker.
Hot topics in dry eye and glaucomaLeaders in their respective specialties came together at the American Academy of Optometry 2015 meeting in New Orleans to share their latest research in dry eye and glaucoma.
Be proactive in the fight against obesityFor the last few years, doctors have warned that life expectancy may decrease nationwide. The primary culprit—obesity—has been wreaking havoc on patient health and the healthcare system, and many systemic health problems have been on the rise.
The challenges of identifying glaucoma progressionFrom advances in medical technology and testing to increased awareness among the public, eyecare professionals are better able to identify glaucoma before it starts wreaking havoc on a patient's vision. But when it comes to identifying glaucoma progression, things get a little murkier.
Addressing glaucoma conundrumsMedical care is often fraught with clinical conundrums, from the logistical of figuring out what to do with patients who refuse to take medicine, to tests or imaging that don't match diagnoses.
Should marijuana be indicated for glaucoma?
Should marijuana be indicated for glaucoma?A recent editorial in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) raised some questions about the indications for medical marijuana, which vary greatly by state.