Not knowing IOPs can make you a better clinicianWith that in mind, there are several aspects of my own EHR software that I really appreciate over paper charts. Besides the fact that I can actually read what I wrote (or typed), one thing that I particularly enjoy is the fact that I am able to consistently look at a new patient’s optic nerves without knowing his or her intraocular pressure (IOP) values beforehand.
Marijuana’s role in optometry and beyondBob Prouty, OD, FAAO, educated a packed house at the American Optometirc Association’s Optometry’s Meeting on marijuana’s use in and outside of eye care.
Is glaucoma a neurological disease?For years now, there has been considerable evidence indicating that glaucoma should be considered a neurological disease and not an entity isolated to the eyes alone. Perhaps the most compelling evidence for such a characterization is the fact that the retinal ganglion cells affected by glaucoma do not synapse until they arrive at the midbrain (specifically, the lateral geniculate nucleus).
Myopia and public healthLiverpool, UK—The British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) opened the first day of its 2015 conference with a day-long focus on myopia management. Ian Flitcroft, MA DPHIL FRCOPHTH, calls myopia a public health time bomb.
New technology could replace eye dropsResearchers at the Cullen Eye Institute at Baylor College of Medicine have developed nanowafer technology to delivery ocular drugs, an alternative to inefficient eye drops.
Marijuana and optometry: Practicing post-legalization
Marijuana and optometry: Practicing post-legalizationIn honor of the unofficial stoner holiday—April 20—we wondered how the legalization of marijuana in some states has affected optometrists.
Generics improve compliance in glaucoma patientsCompliance is a common concern with glaucoma patients, but a study recently published in Ophthalmology found that generic medication may help increase adherence, possibly due to lower cost.
New glaucoma drugs aim to shake up marketReuters recently reported on a new wave of drugs in development that it says will shake up glaucoma treatments. When the consumer media is giving your patients direct information about eye care, are you ready to answer their questions?
Field defect, high IOP might not signal glaucomaGlaucoma is a term that describes a family of progressive optic neuropathies. All of the glaucomas share characteristic and progressive cupping of the optic nerve head, and this cupping is most easily viewed by means of direct stereoscopic evaluation through a dilated pupil.
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