InnFocus releases clinical results on MicroShunt implantInnFocus, Inc. recently reported on a series of 43 glaucoma patients (n=34, 22, and 17 at one, two, and three years, respectively) treated with its MicroShunt implant.
AAOphth says marijuana is not proven treatment for glaucomaThe American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAOphth) has reiterated its stance on medical marijuana for the treatment of glaucoma, stating that it finds no scientific evidence that marijuana is an effective long-term treatment for the disease, particularly when compared to the current prescription medication and surgical treatment available.
Ophthalmologists and ophthalmology trainees underestimate glaucoma riskA study from the Centre for Eye Research Australia at the University of Melbourne found that comprehensive ophthalmologist and ophthalmology trainees who participated in an online multinational study to assess optic discs were about twice as likely to underestimate as to overestimate glaucoma risk.
Is the ISNT rule helpful?Are there any absolute laws for glaucoma other than the broad few that govern its definition? Well, maybe not. Think about it. The word “typically” precedes much of what we say when we describe glaucoma outside of its definition. An example would be the fact that visual field loss is typically nasal at first. However, a temporal wedge defect may, at times, be the first defect to become manifest.
Popular diabetes drug linked to reduced glaucoma riskA recent study found that metformin (Glumetza, Salix), a popular diabetes drug, is associated with a dose-dependent risk reduction for open-angle glaucoma.
Results from lantanoprostene bunod clinical studies presented at ARVOThe results of 2 clinical studies on latanosprostene bunod—CONSTELLATION and KRONUS— were presented during the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology meeting last week.
Promoting practice growth by investing in opticalI sometimes wonder why, in the rush to build the medical model, so many of my colleagues seemingly abandon the retail aspects of our profession. Many ODs seem to want to forget or diminish that our historical contribution to vision has been mainly centered around the correction, refractive, and binocular vision function and development.
The neurology of glaucomaThe next time I see a patient with diabetic retinopathy who seems to be nonchalant or blasé regarding his condition, I’m going to say something along the lines of this: “Mr._______, this leaking of your blood vessels is going on elsewhere in your body, but your eyes just happen to be the only place we can see it without being invasive.”
It’s not your faultThe day before SECO in Atlanta, Chief Optometric Editor Ernie Bowling joined me to sit in on Allergan’s Pathways in Medical Optometry Boot Camp.
Researchers design contact lens to administer glaucoma drugResearchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, have designed a contact lens that can release controlled amounts of a glaucoma drug, delivering more consistent dosages of the drug than eye drops.