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    10 holiday dos and don’ts for ODs in 2017


    Do: Make family time a priority

    Time is a commodity you can’t get back, and the holidays are a special with family, especially children. Don’t shortchange yourself or your family by spending too much time at the office.

    “Take the time with family, especially children,” says Dr. Schroeder Swartz. “You can always make money, but you can't redo the holidays.  Avoid taking time from family to make money unless it is required for basic necessities.”

    Dr. Casella recommends ODs take that extra day off they were thinking about.

    “Your wealth—especially during the holidays—is measured in more than dollars,” he says.

    Enjoy every minute with the people you love, urges Dr. Canto-Sims.

    “If you can't stand people, spend this time with yourself,” she says. “Self-care is essential to survive the holidays. Life is too short to spend with yucky people.”

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    Joan Hansen, OD, sums it up: “Don’t go to the office when you don’t need to be there.”

    Do: Keep in mind that the holidays mean more than just Christmas

    Don’t forget that patients and staff celebrate other winter holidays, such as Hanukkah, Solstice, or Kwanzaa.

    “I try to be non-biased and tell everybody ‘Happy Holidays!’ rather than ‘Merry Christmas!’ because not all our patients celebrate Christmas,” says Houston OD Brook Komar.

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