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CooperVision sponsors Optometry Giving
Sight, gets FDA OK for Avaira toric CLs

Pleasanton, CA—The Food and Drug Administration has granted a Special 510(k) clearance for CooperVision's Avaira Toric 2-week silicone hydrogel contact lenses for astigmatism. The lenses are available for select distribution beginning this month.

The company also has made a 2-year commitment to support Optometry Giving Sight as a Platinum Gold Sponsor. The World Council of Optometry, the International Centre created Optometry Giving Sight in 2003 for Eyecare Education and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness to mobilize resources from the global optometric community to fund sustainable vision care in underserved areas.

“This is a very significant commitment by our company to an organization that we believe is having a substantial impact on the delivery of sustainable eye care services in underserved communities throughout the world,” CooperVision President John Weber said. “As a global company, we think it makes absolute sense to actively support a global charity, especially one that is doing so much to promote and develop optometry as a respected and recognized profession throughout the world.”

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Essilor Instruments announced the newest addition to its U.S. line of high-efficiency finishing products. Mr. Orange is a tracing, blocking, and edging system that features such integrated functions as management of high curves up to base 9 and optical tracing for fast rimless and groove jobs.

The new collection of Marc Jacobs sunglasses and optical frame offer a chic, unconventional style, mixing retro charm with unique color combinations and pairing great shapes, pastel tones and pop hues.

Solutionreach and Eyefinity announced a strategic relationship that will help eye-care professionals enhance patient communication efforts by seamlessly integrating a variety of social engagement tools with the practice management suite, OfficeMate.

Eye care professionals now have easy access to important information for educating and prescribing sun protection. The AOA and Opticians Association of America (OAA), with support from Luxottica and The Vision Council, announced the launch of the first of three, free continuing education modules in support of the Sun Initiative.

With instructional video and free, downloadable Spreadsheet Calculator; If your optical shop is losing revenue as online retailers gain market share, Renee Richards, OD, suggests you implement a two-tiered strategy.