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    Substance P: Dry eye and allergy’s mixed signal or missing link?



    Succinctly, inflammation may lead to heightened peripheral sensitization and stimulation through a developing concept in which neuroimmune cross-talk causes the confounding interplay of both signs and symptoms in dry eye and allergic disease.

    Furthermore, this cascading response may propagate a neurogenic amplification of the inflammatory responses in a vicious loop that could have both protective and detrimental effects depending on the levels of a single neuropeptide entity.

    Therefore, it can be hypothesized that by peering into the mechanisms behind neurogenic inflammation this will hopefully soon dispel the ocular version of Lucy vs. Ardi in order to yield better treatment and stabilization of the disease activity through appropriate modulation of specific neuropeptides.


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    Michael S. Cooper, OD
    Michael S. Cooper, OD, is in private practice in Willimantic, CT. He is a consultant to Allergan, BioTissue, Johnson & Johnson Vision ...


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