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Understanding Sjögren’s syndromeSjögren syndrome is a systemic multi-organ autoimmune disease that results in chronic inflammation. Progressive B-cell and T-cell infiltration of the exocrine organs primarily targets the lacrimal and salivary glands. This results in the classic presentation of dry eye and dry mouth symptoms. Eyecare providers and oral care providers are in a distinctive situation in which we may be the first to identify Sjögren patients.
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A new contact lens app with potential to harm the publicSimple Contacts allows your patients to self report and self prescribe
Worldwide diabetes epidemic approaches half a billionWe had better wake up fast to address this multifactorial problem.
Paul Farkas, OD, FAAO, and Adam Farkas, MD, MBA ODwire and CEwire foundersChanging profession, online CE, and working with your dad
Clinical implications of corneal cross-linkingNow that we have CXL , it is imperative for clinicians to incorporate new technologies that can help us achieve disease detection at the earliest clinical stage prior to onset of visual symptoms.
Evaluating and treating concussionStart with a thorough history, then choose the best therapy for the patient’s visual needs
Fitting ortho-k contact lensesOrthokeratology is a specialty type of contact lens fitting in which the patient wears correction overnight and is free from wearing visual correction during the day. By fitting the patient into a reverse geometry gas permeable lens, the practitioner can make controlled but temporary refractive changes to the cornea. It is a treatment that has been proven to be safe and effective in both children and adults with promising results in the area of controlling myopia progression.