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Treating blepharitis in the pediatric populationWhen your pediatric patient presents with irritated, itchy eyelids with reddened lid margins, diagnosing blepharitis may be the easy part of patient care. Implementing a treatment regimen for patients who are infants, toddlers, or school-age children, requires optometrists to use not only their knowledge but their clinical art of practice as well.
Topical antibiotics are effective, say those who Rx them for blepharitisIn a poll fielded on the Optometry Times website, we asked ODs, if they prescribed topical antibiotics for blepharitis, their top reason for doing so.
Topical antibiotics for blepharitis
ODs look to lid scrubs first for blepharitis treatmentIn a poll fielded on the Optometry Times website, we asked ODs what they used for first-line therapy for blepharitis patients.
Poll: What is your first-line therapy for blepharitis?Do you reach first for warm compresses or lid scrubs? What about antibiotics? Weigh in!
Pros and cons of available MGD treatmentsWith the majority of treatments, both over-the-counter and prescription, focusing on tear supplements and the increase of the natural tear, there may not have been a shift in focus or thinking by most practitioners.
In blepharitis, expert looks to restore eye's natural balanceLaura M. Periman, MD, moves away from detergents for blepharitis treatment
Demodex update: 4 things you need to knowDr. Scott Schachter discusses four updates to demodex blepharitis, from diagnosis to management
Incorporating meibomian gland imagingAdding this technology can improve your diagnosis and better educate your patients
Understanding and defining MGDThe Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society’s Meibomian Gland Workshop was tasked to sort through the literature to determine proper terminology of conditions affecting the lid margin. Review the terminology, gland anatomy, gland expression classifications, and treatment strategies.