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Letters to the Editor Optometry Times

Letters to the editor: UPP, dry eye, and moreOptometrists are getting just too greedy in this replacement contact lens area. Replacement contact lenses are like toothpaste from the dentist.
Letters to the editor: Presbyopia patients, online appointingI recently read Dr. Ernie Bowling’s editorial in the February issue (“Embracing new contact lens technology”).
Letters to the editor—alternates to amniotic membrane; Dr. Bowling's editorialsLike something we published? Hate something we published? Have a suggestion? We want to hear from you!
Letters to the editor: Use optometry resources; In need of VT chartsI am disappointed that Optometry Times would choose to suggest its readers use a pediatric “vision” check list from Bascom Palmer.
Letters to the editor: NBEO's board certification, EHR productsI agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Timothy J. Smith's letter strongly condemning NBEO's board certification (“Plea for NBEO,” May 2014).