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Your Interoperability Strategy: 4 Things Healthcare Execs Need to ConsiderBefore investing in new interoperability solutions, executives need to consider these four things.
Clearer Sigs Can Reduce Errors in E-Prescribing
Clearer Sigs Can Reduce Errors in E-PrescribingJust like paper prescriptions, e-prescriptions still really on clear communication.
How Two Health Systems Use Predictive Analytics to Reduce ReadmissionsReducing hospital readmissions requires just the right mix of clinical expertise and predictive analytics. Here are two health systems that are hitting their stride.
Three Ways to Harness Consumer Feedback at Healthcare OrganizationsHealthcare organizations need a democratic approach to customer experience. Consider these three questions to maximize customer feedback.
Is it the flu?
Is it the flu?When and how to use rapid testing for influenza
Managed Care Technology Survey Findings 2018Is your organization on pace with the biggest healthcare technology trends? Here’s your chance to find out.
News You Should Know: 3 Takeaways from Top Managed Care ArticlesHave two minutes? Listen to this quick podcast for critical takeaways from three of our top articles.
Preparing the periocular region for surgery
Preparing the periocular region for surgeryPreparing a patient for ocular surgery can pose challenges with cosmetics being widely used. Marc Bloomenstein, OD, with the advice of Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member Whitney Hauser, OD, discusses the importance of properly preparing cosmetic users for eye surgery.
Healthcare organizations that struggle most with interoperabilityThe landscape of data exchange efficiency continues to be uneven, with some healthcare organizations communicating more proficiently than others. These are the ones struggling the most.
Five Tech Predictions for Healthcare in 2018In the year ahead, we can expect to see an insurgence in technology solutions that address patient engagement, data, and security throughout the healthcare system.