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How ODs fit into the future of online refractionExecutives from online refraction companies discussed their services during Vision Expo East. Opternative CEO Aaron Dallek; EyeNetra CTO Vitor Pamplona, PhD; and myVisionPOD Founder Hal Wilson shared information about their companies and answered questions from the audience about the future of online refraction.
EHRs are ruining the physician-patient relationship
EHRs are ruining the physician-patient relationshipI am slowly getting used to a bit more hurried visit and a little less attention from my doctor. I wonder if my doctors will see the silent tears I cry…one thing is for certain: Today’s EHR won’t.
How to make the most of the medical modelThe medical model can help make your practice more profitable and serve your patients better—a few changes to the way you practice can make a big difference, says Scot Morris, OD, FAAO, during a session at Vision Expo East.
5 ways to fire a patientAs owners and/or managers of small business, optometrists usually think of firing in terms of how and when to fire an employee or associate. However, there are times when it is necessary and prudent to fire a patient. This is one of the most difficult tasks we encounter, and it is actually very hard to do.
Technology: A key to patient satisfaction?Here is an analysis of trending technologies and how they affect patient satisfaction.
Telemedicine empowers patients, but challenges physicians
Telemedicine empowers patients, but challenges physiciansThe rapid expansion and evolution of telemedicine in the U.S. brings with it increased access at lower costs for patients and growing competition for physicians from providers with regional, national and international reputations.
Five myths about mobile messaging in healthcareDon’t let these common misconceptions stop you from this high-impact, low-cost way to engage with patients.
Does your practice have a culture of can’t?I hear a lot of talk about having a culture of service in the office. I know of some offices that are truly remarkable in their service culture. These offices have patterned themselves after Nordstrom, Ritz-Carlton, or other noted service culture mainstays.
How ODs can help combat depression in glaucoma patientsResearchers have found a significant correlation between depression and visual field loss in patients with glaucoma, according to a study in Ophthalmology.
Know your glaucoma surgery for better comanagement
Know your glaucoma surgery for better comanagementTreating and managing chronic glaucoma can be rewarding as an optometrist. The frequency of office visits to monitor this chronic disease provides ODs an opportunity to develop a close relationship with their patients while providing medical eye care.